La Gomme
︎Packaging // School
︎2 months
La Gomme is a brand of sneaker cleaning products inspired by my own love of sneakers as well as the recent rise of “made by women for women” products. Streetwear and sneakers have long been regarded as the realm of either the masculine or the athletic, but, starting with celebrities and influencers, more women are now not only taking part in sneaker culture, but also taking the lead.

A modular system leaves room to grow.
Taking into consideration the various shapes and materials of different packaging, the modular system provides room to play. Customers may purchase products individually or as a kit, but no matter how many new items are added or subtracted, they will all be on brand when they arrive at the customer’s doorstep.

Sneakers are for getting where you need to go.
Rather than focusing on keeping rare collectibles in pristine, out-of-box condition, the brand is about going out and actually doing what needs to get done. And who better to represent the brand than the women who made it to the top of the sneaker industry? Let’s tell the stories of the women who embody the values of the brand.