Tsunodku Reading Room
︎Branding // School
︎1 month
Tsundoku Reading Room is a book cafe that seeks to encourage young adults to read more often by creating a tranquil environment where a sense of togetherness helps reinforce the habit of reading. As a lifelong reader myself, everything from cafe decor to social media has been considered to deliver positive reinforcement for the diligent reader.

(v.) the act of letting books pile up without reading them
Delighted by the humorous origins of the word, I found that tsundoku helps create a relatable persona for the cafe. It admits that we all love the joy and the sense of accomplishment that comes with reading, but sometimes just need a little push to get started.

A thoughtful interior helps encourage better reading habits.
Upon researching ideal reading environments, I decided that the cafe must have the three most common elements of a great reading space: (1) great natural light with indoor lighting to supplement as necessary, (2) different types of seating to suit different reading habits, and (3) plants that add a splash of green for relaxing the eyes.

Let’s use social pressure for something good.
Social media features book recommendations and keeps customers updated on the various book clubs that take place at the cafe. The idea is to make the cafe a destination synonymous with the act of reading to not only help customers build good reading habits, but also keep them coming back.