Hi, I’m a Canadian graphic designer based in San Francisco.
︎Currently at Airbnb (design fellow)
︎Previously at West (contractor) and CCA (student)
︎Now reading: The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell

Trust is fundamental to human relationships, but often perceived as too uncomfortable, risky, or emotional to unpack and discuss. In response, The Trust Issues is a publication that seeks to tackle who we trust, why we trust them, and what happens when we don’t trust them anymore.

Tsundoku Reading Room is a book cafe that seeks to encourage young adults to read more often by creating a tranquil environment where a sense of togetherness helps reinforce the habit of reading. As a lifelong reader myself, everything from cafe decor to social media has been considered to deliver positive reinforcement for the diligent reader.

La Gomme is a brand of sneaker cleaning products inspired by my own love of sneakers as well as the recent rise of “made by women for women” products. Streetwear and sneakers have long been regarded as the realm of either the masculine or the athletic, but, starting with celebrities and influencers, more women are now not only taking part in sneaker culture, but also taking the lead.
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